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About my blog

I’ve been a martial arts instructor for several years and am lucky enough to have my own Dojo. I decided to start this blog so I have a place to share some of the reasons why I am so passionate about martial arts, along with some of my favorite types. I also want people to understand that there are several benefits associated with martial arts, and hopefully encourage others to try a few classes. Who knows, maybe you will find that you are just as passionate about the sport as I am.


While I offer a variety of classes to my students, my favorite form of martial arts is the Brazilian Capoeira. If you’re not familiar with this style, don’t worry you’re not alone. It has only recently started to gain a following in the U.S. and Europe. The Capoeira was created by West Africans living in Brazil in the early 16th century. Set to music, often with drums prominently featured, it combines dance and aerobic moves that are designed to improve speed, strength and agility. Basically all of the aspects you typically need to succeed at most types of martial arts.


There are several benefits associated with Capoeira and other forms of martial arts. First of all you are getting exercise and this is always good for your overall fi5health. As you make your way through the various training exercises you are often getting a full body workout without even realizing it. Martial arts can also be a great form of cardio exercise and this can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, along with significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.


Some of the other benefits I noticed throughout the years also include improvement in concentration and focus. Not only are these traits an advantage in training, they can also help you succeed in other areas of your life. Some top professionals credit their martial arts training as the reason they have risen so far in their fields. While I’m not saying that taking martial arts classes guarantees success, it definitely won’t hurt and in some competitive industries even the slightest edge can help you get ahead. The other main benefits I get from martial arts is better balance and stability in my movements.

I do want to point out that the benefits you get from martial arts training will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. If you only train for a few hours a week, you probably won’t notice any significant changes. For those that find out that they love martial arts as much as I do, it won’t take long for them to notice improvements in all aspects of their lives.



Before embarking on my fitness club business, I made sure to interview a number of people to become part of my team. Since I had expected my team to be able to carry out the club’s daily fitness center operations, I required each of them to have degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or any related field. I also specified that they be qualified group exercise instructors since I knew we would also be targeting groups of fitness enthusiasts who wanted a customized fitness plan for their unit, including seniors, kids, moms, business associates and the like.

In addition, I also wanted all my team members to be certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Most importantly, since every one of my staff would be interacting with customers on a one-on-one basis, I wanted them to possess strong interpersonal skills, exceptional communication skills and the ability to motivate and inspire clients towards their personal fitness objectives. In other words, I built a dynamic and proactive team that knew their huge responsibility to our customer base. I have been lucky thus far, because my operations manager/lead trainer, two personal trainers, two childcare staff and lone receptionist/clerk have shown a dedication and commitment to their jobs that has enabled my club to grow strongly based on personal endorsement by clients alone. We have even had to schedule Sundays as workdays, too, but since I love my staff, those are just under special request and premium rates as well. Yes, my fitness club has been lucky with my team and I intend to take care of my team members by making them as happy as possible working for me.


My club’s engaging programs and services


A successful fitness club, in my opinion, is more than just the facility itself. What you are really aiming for is offering a fascinating set of services that your team of fitness professionals can implement and inspire participation in. I have had to make sure my team develops and implements innovative fitness services and programs to engage our various clients. My fitness club offers individual fitness consultation and supervision while providing dynamic membership recruitment, enrolment and retention. Aside from group exercise programs, we have also made available motivational incentive programs and special events, as well as team-based activities. We regularly hold community outreach programs because corporate social responsibility is essential for our existence in the community.


My club’s facility operations
Running the daily operations with our own set of policies and procedures has become a serious pursuit for excellence. We maintain the club’s cleanliness and do preventative maintenance because we all want the club to exist many years down the road. I remind my team to be diligent with safety and risk management and to perform participant satisfaction analysis and reporting, which we discuss on a weekly basis. As the General Manager, I also make sure to introduce innovative technology platforms and perform market demand and interest surveys to see how we are doing with those platforms.