Popular types of martial arts



Martial arts have become a very popular sport during the last couple of years, and I’ve noticed that in my gym, as well. There are many men and women who now like using a heavy bag at home. Despite the fact that, in the United States and Canada alike, boxing used to be one of the most appreciated combat sports several decades ago, these days, it’s less acclaimed. I don’t personally see why people are into jiu-jitsu, karate, and taekwondo, but I can only presume that there’s something more other than blowing off some steam.

I asked some of my friends and some of the people who regularly come to the gym to try and find out more about martial arts, in general, and the ones that they seem to prefer, more specifically.

It appears to me that Muay Thai is nowadays one of the most popular sports. Although it’s commonly confused with kickboxing and does have a set of similar rules, the fact of the matter is that in Muay Thai, you’re allowed to strike below the belt. Because body parts are used as weapons, you need some sort of protection if you’re interested in learning this martial art. From what I gathered by talking to my buddies, apparently the first thing you have to get for yourself is a pair of shin pads.

Everyone has heard about karate and that’s because this kind of martial art has a hierarchy system that enables practitioners to become more and more proficient. A karate practitioner’s expertise is determined by the color of his or her belt. One of the things that I personally like about karate is that it’s not focused on offense; instead, it revolves around the idea that everybody has to know the basics of self-defense.

Next, we have Kung Fu from China. This one has got to be one of the world-known martial arts out there, and the person who made it so popular was probably Bruce Lee. I had no idea that the sport originates from China, but I found out because I did a bit of research. Again, what I appreciate about Kung Fu, much like in the case of karate, is the fact that it focuses on morality and has a healthy philosophy about respect and patience.

Finally, a notable mention has to go to Krav Maga. Most of the people who have heard about Star Trek and Klingons are probably aware of Krav Maga as this technique is used by this humanoid species. It’s one of the most violent martial arts as it concentrates on disabling the enemy by hitting sensitive spots such as the eyes and the groin. Since I’m not a fan of violence that’s uncalled for, I consider this sport one of the most unpleasant ones to practice.



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