Why kids benefit from learning martial arts

I’ve been meaning to write this article for quite some time but because I couldn’t find several spare minutes, I kept postponing it. I’ve talked about being a martial arts instructor in the past, and so I’ll try to make this post as unbiased as possible. Most parents tend to look at martial arts like a dangerous activity to involve their children in, but this is anything but true, in most cases. I make a big deal out of talking with the parents before their kids start training, so I’m aware of the possible developmental issues that might be related to that particular child.

What I’m mostly trying to say is that you shouldn’t enroll your kid in a martial arts class just to make him or her deal with his or her anger issues. Everyone knows that growing up can be a real pain, and I shouldn’t be the one to tell you that because you’ve probably experienced some sort of bullying or other mishaps when you were in school. In short, that’s why I decided to write a bit about the many benefits of martial arts for kids.


They can get active

Let’s face it. Child obesity is an unpleasant reality that we must face in the United States. Sometimes, no one is to blame, because parents are busy with their jobs, kids might have to stay with their grandparents or with a sitter, and at some point or the other, they may be exposed to unhealthy food. The fact is that most families live outside the main cities, and so they have to travel by car to get to work or to take their kids to school. Typically, any person should take around 10,000 steps every day, but that’s close to impossible in this day in age. Therefore, the first benefit offered by occasional martial arts sessions is exercise.


Learning stillness, patience, and focus, can be done with martial arts

This is a sport that requires a bit of patience, in that you need to be focused enough to predict the moves of your opponent and how he or she will hit you. Training sessions are organized according to a schedule, and so kids can work on their skills in a very practical way. Opponents have to be equal in terms of performance, to make sure that they’re able to take small steps toward perfecting their reflexes. Finally, in order to be a champ, any kid has to pay some attention to the instructor’s pieces of advice or indications.

They’ll learn to accept and take hits

Life’s anything but a piece of cake, and ups and downs are part of our reality. It’s difficult to explain to kids that they sometimes have to lose in order to win. On the one hand, martial arts can make them more ambitious as they can define the things that they will try to achieve later on, and a whole lot better. On the other hand, they’ll learn to accept defeat without feeling down. They’ll be able to think of any downfall as a small step toward their future victory.


The more they work on their performance, the higher the respect they’ll gain

Both their friends and themselves will have a higher opinion about them when they finally get that prize and hold it in their hands. Children tend to be too competitive, at times, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can push them to do greater things.

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